Showday Properties Job Application Process

Showday Properties Job Application Process

Any job applicant seeking full time employment must comply with the following process for job application with Showday Properties (Pty)Ltd, herein referred to as 'Showday':

1. Applicant must email  ([email protected]) the CEO of Showday, the Applicants CV, copy of ID document,  and reference list of previous Employers with contact numbers. Note: An applicant who is a Director or providing property related services that conflict with Showday's services cannot be a job applicant.

2. The CEO of Showday shall invite the applicant at the discretion of Showday, to a job interview at the offices of Showday, being located at Sandton Close, 1st floor, corner of 5th and Norwich Close, Sandton. The job qualification and onboarding process shall be explained to the job applicant by the CEO of Showday. 

3. An on the field case study test shall be given to the job applicant, in order to test the skill of the Applicant for this sector, whereby the job applicant is required to perform 1 (one) task only, that is, setup a meeting with a Seller in the street of the applicant (within 48 hours of the interview) or setup a meeting with a friend or family member selling their property. Should the applicant fail to setup a meeting within 48 hours then the interview process is immediately terminated.

4. A review meeting shall be held again at the offices of Showday after a successful exclusive mandate has been concluded with the Seller. 

5. Upon successful review of the applicant a formal contract of employment is provided to the applicant for review. The contract shall set out the full terms and conditions of full time employment.

Should the applicant be unsuccessful at any stage of the interview process above, the above interview process shall be terminated.

Note: Any form of employment with Showday is remunerated on a COMMISSION ONLY basis.

Showday may also engage with Service Providers that seek synergy with our sales process. Service Providers should have no conflict of interest with the current service portfolio being provided by Showday or services on the roadmap of Showday. 

Definition of a Service Provider: There is only a Principal Agent relationship  and this service provider is an external Independant Contractor of services and is furthermore not under supervision of the Principal of Showday Properties.

Any Service Providers applying for the Showday referral program must comply with the following check list:

1. Perform 1 (one) task only as a case study test of the skill of the Service Provider: Setup a meeting with any seller within 48 hours of meeting with the Principal [Action of Service Provider] failing which the property referral services of the external service provider shall be terminated without prejudice to Showday.

Note: The Principal of Showday will negotiate commission with the Seller and market the property based on Property Sector Regulatory requirements

2. Should Showday sign an exclusive mandate with the Seller referred to by the Service Provider, then Showday and the Service Provider shall sign a referral fee form confirming the referral fee and any other terms 

3. A fixed introduction referral fee of R1,500 (including VAT and taxes) shall be paid to the Service Provider  upon transfer of the property based on internal resources of Showday being responsible for marketing of the property.